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If you would like to download Because It Was Sunday, please go to www.smashwords.com. For $9.99 the ebook is available for most mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Kindle, among others.


Jack Youngblood is the “John Wayne of football.” He is a Pro Football Hall of Famer, an authentic American hero and quite possibly the most respected living football player on Planet Earth.

Fellow legends back it up. Roger Staubach claimed he was the ‘best defensive lineman — ever’. Dan Dierdorf said he was the ‘toughest player he faced’ in his career. John Madden famously announced that 'Youngblood defines what a football player is' and, to this day, believes he best exemplifies what the All-Madden Team is all about.

In October of 2011, Bravda Velo Productions will be releasing the authorized biography on Jack Youngblood’s amazing and inspirational life and career, called Because It Was Sunday: The Legend of Jack Youngblood.

Written by renowned sports publicist and author D. W. Cooper, and published by the most accomplished producers of championship team celebration titles, this book is unique for several reasons and will be among the highest-profile sports biographies of the year.